Blue MagicEdit

Blue mage command. Use learned enemy ability.

Skill Monster Learned From Effect MP Use
Goblin Punch Goblin Deals damage based on Weapon Attack, varied positively or negatively. 8
Magic Hammer Red Cap MP Damage 8
Acid Flankind Inflicts a random status ailment which includes Disable and Stop. 12
Blowup Bomb Deals Fire damage to surrounding units, then unit faints. 2
Mighty Guard Icedrake Increases Weapon Defense and Magic Resistance of self an adjacent unit. 8
Guard-Off Firewyrm Lowers Weapon Defense and Magic Resistance of target. 12
Dragon Force Thundrake Increase Weapon and Magic Attack of self or an adjacent unit. 12
Night Lamia Inflicts Sleep on all units on the battlefield except the caster. 24
Twister Lilith Halves targets current HP. 20
LV3 Def-Less Bugkind Lowers Weapon Defense and Magic Resistance of units whose level is divisible by 3; 100% accurate. 12
Matra Magic Toughskin Switches HP and MP of target. Fatal if MP is 0. 24
Poison Claw Red Panther Damage and may inflict Poison 8
Hastebreak Coeurl Inflicts Slow if the target is at normal speed or inflicts Stop if the target is bestowed with Haste. 12
Bad Breath Malborokind Inflicts five of the following status ailments, chosen at random: Blind, Confuse, Frog, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow. 20
Stare Floateye Inflicts Confuse on all units facing the caster with 100% accuracy. 12
Roulette Ahriman Instantly KOs a unit chosen at random on the battlefield. Must have Auto-Life in order to learn successfully. 20
Drain Touch Zombie Deals Dark damage to target, and heals HP using the Holy element equal to damage dealt. 10
LV? S-Flare Vampire Heavy Dark damage to all units on the battlefield whose ones digit in their level is the same as the caster; Includes the caster! 30
White Wind Sprite Heals HP equal to the current HP of the caster. 12
Angel Whisper Titania Heals HP and bestows Auto-Life. 24

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